our journey…

My Uncle, Robert Brown was always known as the “Cook and Comedian.” By 1992 he began competing in BBQ contests, and within a year he had won 1st place in Brisket. From that point on with his rubs, sauces and techniques the awards started stacking up. Bob would enter BBQ contests all over the country anytime he had a chance to get away from work. As one of the founding members of the FBA (Florida BBQ Association) it was a lifelong dream of his to open a BBQ Joint.

In 2005 while at a BBQ competition in Manchester, TN called “Smokin on the Square” Bob suddenly passed away. He was only 54. 82 days later tragedy struck again when his oldest son was also called by the Lord for a change of address. After a few years of coming to terms with the passing of Bob and his Son, with a sincere desire to see his legacy continue, our entire family has come together to rally support to make what you now see possible. Today with Bob’s techniques and support of family, friends, and a few strangers along the way, the road to making his dream a reality has been paved.

“We aren’t cooking food here, we’re making memories”. . . . Robert Brown