About us

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At black bear we think most of the great things that happen in life are celebrated around the diner table. We've always loved cooking for people, mostly because a great meal has a way of bringing everyone together. 

In 2012, we started on a journey to build a place where everyone matters. A place where our friends and community could make great memories, all while enjoying great BBQ! So after years of trial and error, we created our own recipes for rubs, marinades, sauces, and everything in between. We created 16 signature sauces, encompassing every BBQ region 16 sauces living in harmony, just like our community. 

At black bear we want to be a long lunch with a good friend, or a first date with a future love. We want to be birth announcements, team celebrations, birthdays, or just a great meal with your family we want this restaurant to be a place of welcome. We want our food and service to be simple, honest & genuine. But, most importantly we want you to live some of your stories around our tables.
Whether we are your weekday ritual or your weekend Tableescape, we hope you enjoy it here!

“We aren’t cooking food here, we’re making memories”. . . . Robert Brown